Brigo goes Green!

Creating a Better Future

Inspired by our students' passion to create a better future for the world we hope to raise enough funds this year to purchase and install solar panels on Bowie Hall and the Anita Murray Centre.

These solar panels would provide enough energy to power the College including all classrooms at the school. The addition of solar panels to both Bowie Hall and the Anita Murray Centre will increase the solar harvesting capacity of the school and reduce our own carbon footprint.

Our hope too is for the purchase and installation of water tanks to allow the College to catch and store rainwater and storm water run-off that will enable self-sufficiency. This is eco-friendly and there are so many applications including irrigation for our gardens and agriculture plots, washing and plumbing.

We hope you can help Brigidine on our quest to 'go green'.

Your contributions are tax deductible.