Creating a Legacy

As our students continue to strive for excellence, we are excited to launch the 2024 Annual Giving campaign which will support our new state of the art Sports Precinct.

Our vision extends beyond merely constructing a facility; we aim to create a vibrant hub where all students can train, compete, flourish and grow. Our new and modern Sports Precinct will not only serve as a beacon for sporting excellence but it will be a gathering place for our community to come together, fostering a sense of belonging.

Our students' vision for the Sports Precinct is to install solar panels on the roof when construction is completed. They are passionate about sustainability and making a difference. 

Why do we need your support? This project is bigger than any one of us—it's about investing in the future of our community and ensuring that our students continue to have the resources they need to succeed. By contributing to the 2024 Annual Giving campaign, you are not just building a facility; you are investing in the dreams and aspirations of our current and future students who will all benefit from this Sports Precinct for years to come. 

Together, we can build more than just a Sports Precinct—we can build a legacy that will enrich the lives of our students. 

Thank you for considering this important investment in our community's future. We have seen in the past what can be achieved when our vibrant Brigidine community bands together in support of a cause. Indeed, this is a unique opportunity to make a difference for the school and students. 

Your contributions are tax deductible.