Commemorative Pavers

In 2024 the College will be celebrating its 70th anniversary and we are currently working on plans to develop an Alumni Garden.  Located in a wonderful lawned area which is embraced by the original Convent building and at the heart of today's campus, the Garden will be a celebration of our roots and all that our Alumni Community represents.  With wonderful memories of your school days, we invite you to commemorate them by purchasing a commemorative Paver which will be placed in the Alumni Garden.    
Here is what you need to know:
·Cost of one Paver is $350 (tax deductible)
·The Pavers will be clay in colour and will be 230 x 115 x 50mm in size
·Maximum number of Characters per paver 48 – 16 per line, max. 3 lines
·Spaces and punctuation are considered as a letter
·Pavers are available in single, double or triple line formats 
·Pavers will be randomly placed in the Alumni Garden